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With a wealth of experience and expertise spanning all corners of the globe, we balance our time between our own business ventures and working with multinational corporations. We have brought our collective talent and passion to Newton Circus in hopes of embedding sustainability into everything we do. Read More


With a wealth of experience and expertise spanning all corners of the globe, we balance our time between our own business ventures and working with multinational corporations. We have brought our collective talent and passion to Newton Circus in hopes of embedding sustainability into everything we do.

So what exactly is it that we do? Good question. Simply put, we make meaningful things in responsible ways. We focus on key drivers of global change, including climate change, environmental degradation, poverty, development, natural resource scarcity, healthcare, migration and urbanization. These drivers inspire us to create products, services and applications that are good for people, planet and profit.

The production and consumption of goods and services can only flourish if they are within our social and ecological limits. It is the cornerstone of our business and a guiding principle of sustainability. Consumers are asking for it, governments are regulating it and any business that has a long-term commitment to maximizing shareholders returns has already laid the foundation for a sustainable future. Sustainability has evolved from the niche to the masses.

The mainstream consumer has shown an overwhelming propensity to support products, brands, companies and retailers whom are committed to responsible business practices. Of course, these consumers do not want to sacrifice anything in the process. It must be the same price and quality as the competition. But when you deliver and substantially improve the product or service in a sustainable manner, consumers will reward you.

If embedding sustainability into your company and improving your bottom line is something you are interested in, welcome to Newton Circus.

Why The Name


Why The Name

We are engineers in our heads and artists in our hearts. Leveraging the scientific brilliance of Sir Isaac Newton and mashing it up with all the creativity of a circus, our name reflects the thinking and creativity, which is at the heart of our business. But Newton Circus is also a nod to one of the best hawker centers in all the world, which just so happens to be found here in Singapore.



We Are

Our people are what make Newton Circus so unique. We hail from 6 different continents, speaking over 20 different languages and are armed with business experiences ranging from change management, innovations, consulting, product design, engineering, digital and social innovation and marketing.

But there is one thing that has led each of us to run off and join the circus: Our desire to leave this world in better shape than we found it.

Daryl Arnold CEO About

Daryl Arnold

Chief Executive Officer

Daryl Arnold is an entrepreneur experienced in media, marketing and technology.

As the founder of the largest independent digital network, Profero, he brings a unique and often digital perspective to Newton Circus. As one of the pioneers of the digital revolution, Daryl has a keen eye for what is ‘next.’ He sees sustainability as not only something we can all feel good about getting behind, but an absolute necessity for the ‘now.’ When not trying to make the world a better place, Daryl is found hustling those less fortunate on the squash courts of Singapore.

Jason Aspes Founding Partner About

Jason Aspes

Founding Partner

Jason arrived in Asia 10 years ago by way of Hollywood and Madison Avenue. After traveling the globe bridging the digital divide as Regional Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather, Jason has shifted his focus from communications to innovation. As an avid American football fan, Jason finds his insomnia to be particularly handy, especially when the Florida Gators are playing well. He lives in Singapore with his wife Susie and three boys Asher, Levi and Shai.

Chin Hwee CFO About

Tan Chin Hwee


Chin Hwee has just retired after spending 23 years in General Electric USA in various finance positions – the last of which being the Financial Controller for their Aerospace division; and more recently another 13 years in Honeywell International Inc as their Asia Pacific Financial Controller, responsible for 15 factories in 6 countries with a combined turnover of more than US$1 billion. Chin Hwee has worked for just 2 MNCs since his graduation from the then University of Singapore in 1977, earning a B Acc.(accountancy). He is married with two daughters, 26 and 22 years old respectively – one working in Public Relations and the other an undergraduate in SMU. Chin Hwee enjoys golf, travelling, movies and reading, and is very glad to be given an opportunity in Newton Circus to contribute and stay active.

Adam Lyle Chairman, Padang & Co About

Adam Lyle

Chairman, Padang & Co

Adam brings a breadth of experience to Newton Circus. Focused on issues around sustainability, Adam has worked as a management consultant, trainer and facilitator in both Australia and Asia. He holds an LLB and Bachelor of Com (with merit) in Finance and Accounting from University of New South Wales. He enjoys live theatre, travel, and long distance running and is passionate about the potential for “green change” principles to change the way we live.

Derrick Chiang CEO, Padang & Co About

Derrick Chiang

CEO, Padang & Co

Derrick has over a decade of experience in marketing and communications and has helped blue-chip companies across Asia-Pacific transform how they interact with their customers and reach new markets through digital and innovation. Prior to Padang & Co, he spent seven years with Profero in Shanghai and played a key role in building a successful full-service digital agency business.

Lilin Phng Project & Operations Director About

Lilin Phng

Project & Operations Director

Lilin spent 6.5 years in the automotive industry, managing a wide variety of business functions. She joined the Circus because she believes in using smart solutions to create win-win situations, and aspires to make a personal positive impact on her environment. Lilin loves animals, especially her two dogs. And when not at work, she can be found indulging in retail and yoga therapy.

Oliver Gilbert Project Director, Next Billion About

Oliver Gilbert

Project Director, Next Billion

Oliver has significant experience managing in-field implementation projects and building international multi-stakeholder partnerships. With a background ranging from global development to application development, Oliver understands how to engage bottom of the pyramid communities with advanced mobile technology. Oliver leverages his previous corporate, government, and non-profit roles in America, Africa, and Asia towards expanding Mobile Movies in emerging markets.

CAIN QUAH Operations & HR Manager About


Operations & HR Manager

Cain has a background in marketing, events, and operations management and is originally from the fine city of Melbourne. He migrated back home to Singapore in order to seek his fortune, and has since joined the Circus as its Operations & HR Manager.

When not maintaining the precarious balancing act of Newton Circus’ constantly growing multitude of projects and vast array of internal and external resources, Cain can be found sifting through a pile of resumes, talent scouting for awesomeness.

Besides work, Cain likes traveling with his girlfriend, playing video games and eating (and photographing) good food.

Tom Han Software Engineer About

Tom Han

Software Engineer

Tom is an iOS and backend developer who is constantly looking for better ways to write code. He is passionate about breaking complex problems into smaller topics which can be easily tackled. Tom was a mobile game developer back in 2010-2012 – to date, he has published several casual games on the App Store. In addition, he was also an MP3 firmware engineer – involved in designing and developing custom OS for MP3 players for visual impact. Tom is also a sports lover, he spends his (lack of) spare time playing point guard in a local basketball team, which has obtained strong rankings in local amateur leagues.

Hemanth Sukumaran Software Engineer About

Hemanth Sukumaran

Software Engineer

Hemanth Sukumaran was born in India but has settled down in Singapore since 2013. He has a Masters degree from NUS in Software engineering. Before joining the circus, Hemanth spent two years working with HCL Technologies in India, and has worked on the country’s largest integration project. Hemanth has a passion for cricket and has played for several different corporates in Singapore, as well as in India.

Swarit Kumar Agarwal Software Engineer About

Swarit Kumar Agarwal

Software Engineer

With a knack for creativity and a penchant for literature, Swarit spends his free time reading and cooking. Throughout his graduate life at NUS, Swarit has been actively involved in community engagement and the general well-being of the environment . His decision to join the Circus was not fortuitous – rather a well-thought one – for it was an excellent opportunity to mix technology with community welfare.

Ayla Soriano Designer About

Ayla Soriano


Prior to joining the Circus, Ayla worked as a designer at a Branding and Marketing Agency in New York. She has spent different periods of her life in the Philippines, Pakistan, and the United States. Ayla uses her holistic life and travel experiences as ignition to communicating strong and effective design. She has a love-hate relationship with Helvetica.

Aung Myint Thein Project Director, Dextra About

Aung Myint Thein

Project Director, Dextra

Aung is passionate about extracting useful insight and information from raw data. After working in an educational institute and participating in data innovation challenges for over a year, he decided to give full-time entrepreneurship a shot. The opportunity of working on various data sets and solving real world problems brought Aung to Newton Circus. Aung is also a sports enthusiast, and his weekend activities always include soccer and badminton. Despite having broken his leg from playing soccer before, it doesn’t deter him from playing soccer again.

Sam Yip Project Manager About

Sam Yip

Project Manager

Sam has a broad communications background in design and instruction, which has given him the opportunity to travel the world and interact with individuals from different walks of life. At Newton Circus, he joins Padang & Co as their Project Manager, and brings to the table his ability to spellcheck from across the room.

Manya Krishnaswamy Community Manager About

Manya Krishnaswamy

Community Manager

Hailing from the depths of the architectural world, Manya found her way to the Circus in hope to move beyond designing buildings and onto architecting communities instead! When she’s not at work, stalking people for “outreach” purposes, she’s probably trying to master the cajon or baking a batch of macarons.

Fariha Imran Researcher & Writer About

Fariha Imran

Researcher & Writer

Fariha joined Newton Circus as an intern in early 2014 and has stayed on ever since, taking on the team’s research and writing activities. Originally from Bangladesh, she has lived in 5 different countries while growing up, making her immune to culture shock. She has a background in economics and political science, and is passionate about issues that involve access to education and gender. She enjoys reading, writing, dancing and exploring new places to eat.

Shantanu Alshi
Shantanu Alshi Software Engineer About

Shantanu Alshi

Software Engineer

Shantanu has pursued his Masters in Computing from National University of Singapore. He belongs to the city of dreams, Mumbai, India. With 3 years of experience in Web development for a well known organization, he also possess proven leadership skills and values creativity and innovation at work. He is passionate about Programming, Data Analysis and Operating Systems. When not coding, you will find him learning a foreign language, listening to music or creating new designs with Photoshop and Indesign.

Pamela Devied
Pamela Devied 237 / Events Manager About

Pamela Devied

237 / Events Manager

Pamela discovered her passion for food & beverage / events ten years ago when she organised the Russian Food Festival at Sentosa Resort & Spa. She is a seasoned planner when it comes to strategising, planning and executing first class events regardless of geographical location, scale or cause. When she is not greeting guests at 237’s door, she can be found with a good book and drink, plotting her next travel adventure.

Malay Gala Community Manager About

Malay Gala

Community Manager

Malay wants to live in a world where emails are short, stories are a-plenty and books come bundled with chocolate bars. Born and raised in Mumbai, India, he is a graduate in corporate communication and loves everything to do with languages. He uses his experience with CCA management at university to engage communities for the Circus. When he’s not crafting messages or creating tracking links for outreach, he can be found having conversations with characters from his stories, looking up cricket scores or making the world’s best ginger-lemongrass chai tea. 

Naing Maw Project Director, Silverline About

Naing Maw

Project Director, Silverline

Naing was born and raised in South Africa, and moved to Singapore 10 years ago to be at the cutting edge of technology and innovation. He loves all things product design and engineering-related and loves to bring amazing products into the hands of consumers. Naing also enjoys catching up with the latest trends in technology and is always looking at ways to improve the lives of others through the use of new technology. Away from work life, you can often find Naing practicing the Brazilian martial art of Capoeira.

Sherilyn Tan Project Manager About

Sherilyn Tan

Project Manager

Following her Bachelor in Communications and New Media, Sherilyn found her passion in content creation. Since then she has had a plethora of experience in account and project management – from running her own production house; to being a part of the F1 Singapore team; and even having the privilege to work in Lijiang, China for a period. Motivated by the satisfaction of seeing ideas being materialized, Sherilyn has stepped into the role of Project Manager at the Circus with a great attitude and passion. With a desire to go on adventures around the world, an itch to be the next masterchef, and a longing to find a mate for her dog, Sherilyn hopes that one day the entrepreneurial bug will hit her hard again.



We Work

We establish our own Ventures and work with Multi-National Corporations to create new and improve products, services and application that are good for People, Planet and Profit.

Each opportunity we embark on follows a proprietary process of development broken down into Discover, Explore, Design & Release phases. To support each phase of development we apply tools and techniques drawn from the industries of our multi-disciplinary team, a key tool being SSM.

At every stage of the working process our investigations and advice are enhanced by the ability to conceptualize, prototype and tinker with the ideas, transforming them from the abstract thoughts to tangible output.

Our Process


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