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Mobile Movies connects millions of hard-to-reach, rural individuals to positive MNCs and NGOs via a network of local  agents.

Agents screen entertaining films using micro-financed portable cinema kits and smartphones to bring villages together and then show educational content, collect data, and market positive products, like antibacterial soap or mosquito nets. Mobile Movies raises state transparency by screening critical rural information, such as health, election, land rights, or resource management updates.

Mobile Movies also promotes accountability by enabling citizens to communicate public opinions to governments or third parties using an innovative mobile data collection platform developed with the support of Microsoft. This process supports positive behavioral change, raises livelihoods, empowers women and disadvantaged groups, and enables external stakeholders to better understand rural needs.

Pilot Projects

Mobile Movies has organized Pilot Projects with great success in Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam. Find out more about our Pilot Trips below!




Mobile Movies is currently organizing a 2-week pilot project in Vietnam with the support of FrieslandCampina and Microsoft. Videos and photos coming soon!


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